A very inquisitive young princess is about to explore the world outside her royal castle located on the highest mountain in the kingdom. This is a story of her coming of age in a time of magic and adventure. In her rite of passage into womanhood her parents, the king, and queen give her three magical gifts to take with her as she sets off to ex

plore the kingdom she will one day rule as queen. She is directed by her father not to return until she has found one unknown, secret gift. She is told that only she will recognize this one vital gift which she will need to rule justly and lovingly over the people.
Thieves, bandits, lost children, and wise elders encounter the princess, who, traveling in disguise engages in adventures of the heart, mind, and body. She returns to the royal mountain with quite an array of experiences and victories.

This high-quality book is gloss-covered in both paperback and hardcover and beautifully illustrated by Victoria Horner inside and out. 114 pages of adventure for upper-elementary and for younger, who have a storyteller!


Available in hardcover, paperback, and ebook.