“Mystic Land and Celtic Saints”, just released on November 1st, has been a culmination of 6+ years of travel, research, and writing on the Golden Age of Celtic Christianity and Spirituality, which ranged approx. from 400-800 A.D. It bears out a lifetime of connectedness to the roots of Celtic culture.

The book is loaded with:
Illustrations by the author!
Mystical vignettes!
Biographical content on the saints and sacred sites!
Foreword by Dara Malloy!
Reviewed by Dr. Ed Sellner!

Backdrop: Celtic Saints was inspired by the lives of the men and women–Brigit, Columba, Gobnait, Ciaran, Enda, to name a few–who served humanity in their communities and continental Europe during a precious time of history. It saw the Roman Empire fall away across Northern Europe and the Celtic spirituality flourish to retain the knowledge and civilization wiped out by the chaotic void felt in place of Roman rule.

This book is about a pilgrimage, a mystical, joyous journey into the lives and lands of the Celtic “peregrinati”, who followed the cross of their dreams and visions to carry out their destinies in all directions across the globe!