Roses for the Most High

Poetry celebrating the mystical Christian path. “This booklet of poetry is as rewarding as it is challenging. To start with, it helps to know that much of the imagery stems from years of flying over the ice caps of Antarctica, but the energy propelling the reader comes from the mysticism of the saints and the Holy Spirit. The first reading is merely an appetizer inviting the reader to return flights into ever-deeper prayer experiences. It is truly a work to be treasured and revisited often” — Most Reverend Robert J. Hermann, Bishop Emeritus, Archdiocese of Saint Louis

Poems from the Polar Circles

As I confronted the many faces of the Arctic and Antarctic, spanning that diversity sometimes in a matter of minutes, I often felt thrust into breathtaking polar panorama. My experience has led me to its natural and sleeping beauty; its challenging flight that no one completely masters; its frigid shrew of the sea with its ability to resist and repel any vessel; its incredible animal kingdom which needs the extremity of the polar region for sanctuary; the love, trials of the heart, humor, and loneliness ever-present that inspire and pervade the human condition; and the courageous people who have claimed their destiny exploring an amazing wilderness.

The Last White Ruby: The Vanishing Polar Circles

This book is a poetry collection about the experiences of living and working in the polar environment. The author was an aviator for many years in the polar regions flying for the US Air Force and resupplying the US scientific research stations on a routine basis. The flying was anything but routine, and he brings those surreal landscapes and flying phenomenon to the reader through his keen sensitivity to the human condition, ever having to adapt to what the polar regions present to the polar operator.It is fraught with danger, beauty, the unusual, and the ever-present foe of the elements.

The Sky is for Wonder: Poetry for Children

This poetry for children is a playful and brightly illustrated portrait of children growing up, discovering the outside world, all the while capturing the fun of playing in one’s own backyard. In the short pages of this book, we discover the joy of playing in rain puddles, flying a kite, gazing at the flight of birds, discovering the spiritual beauty of the planets and stars, and relishing the drifting snow on a winter’s evening walk. This book is a delight for children and for adults who may read to them in the lilting poetics of its upbeat rhyme.

Deployed Flight and Sometimes Eternity

This ebook is a collection of poems describing experiences of military missions spanning 25 years of flying in the US Air Force; flown to Africa, Antarctica, war torn Bosnia, and other places around the world. It casts spiritual light onto the graphics of military flying. The poems underscore the fact that there is a bright seam to life in not only what we do, which can appear as drudgery, but as a result of the intention one holds in doing the work. The poet takes a 50,000 foot view of the world, and translates the everyday flights of US Airmen and places them in the all too human landscape.