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Polar Poetry by Ronnie Smith

Ronnie Smith

Ronnie Smith was born of U.S. Air Force parents in Udine, Italy, and grew up in Baltimore, Maryland. He attended Loyola College (B.A.) and the University of Maryland.  Ron played semi-pro basketball in Europe before entering the U.S. Air Force in 1983 to fly C-130 transport aircraft.  He has traveled the world as a professional aviator, bringing a spiritual dimension to his writing through this inspiration. After many years flying in the polar regions, he became the in-theater Commander of Operation DEEP FREEZE, the DoD logistics support to the U.S. Antarctic Program from 2005-2008. His poetry has appeared in The New York Times, The Wisconsin Review, and The Evansville Review, among others. He resides in St. Louis, Missouri. His spiritually inspired installations express the path of the soul symbolically through the icons of human civilization. A student of the Christian Mystical tradition and of Catholic faith, Ronnie’s writings and paintings capture the esoteric truths of the universal Christian faith through the medium of archetypal and mystical symbol.


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Air Force News

Secretary of State presents Col. Smith’s Memorial Chart to New Zealand

Exhibits & Installations

Spiritual Stone Sculptures for Landscape 2013

Interior Décor Project: Installation “Spiritual Tension” “high interest” by National Museum of Catholic Art in Washington, DC 2011-2012

Co-Curator, ICONS IN TRANSFORMATION October 2011- January 2012 Art Exhibition, Christ Church Cathedral, Saint Louis, Missouri

Environmental and Polar Poetry Exhibit on the line with , Troutdale, Oregon Art Festival, May 2010

Polar Dialogues Exhibit, L.A. Artcore Contemporary Art Museum, September 2009

Contributed 13 poems in fusion with sculpture by K.A. Colorado

Troutdale, Oregon Art Festival, May 2010

Earth Day installation using recyclable materials etched with my Earth Day poetry

Poetry and Marble, fusion with sculptor Rude Calderone, Michael the Archangel, 2012

Mission & Approach

My different poetry books capture my Antarctic polar revelations, Air Force career, and life since retiring from the U.S. Air Force. My new direction is glimpsed by the last two books, Roses for the Most High and The Sky is for Wonder. I have two books in development (A Princess Fairy Tale and Poetry on the Celtic Saints). After those two books, a poetry book elaborating on The Desert Fathers and Mothers, or how Christian monasticism was born. Please visit my author page to explore my other books.

Latest Release

Get your copy of the 2nd Edition of Roses for the Most High at your favorite online book seller!


Roses for the Most High by Ronnie Smith

Awards, Bibliography
& More Credits


Bronze Medal Winner: “The Last White Ruby” is a 2016 Readers’ Favorite in the Poetry – Inspirational category

Seal of Approval, Catholic Writers Guild, for “Roses for the Most High”


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Ronnie Smith

Ronnie Smith

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