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Ronnie Smith Graces the Cover of Riverfront Times
Photo Credit: British Antarctic Survey
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Capturing the Esoteric Truths of the Universal Christian Faith

Ronnie Smith has traveled the world as a professional aviator, bringing a spiritual dimension to his writing through this inspiration. After many years flying in the polar regions, he became the in-theater Commander of Operation DEEP FREEZE, the DoD logistics support to the U.S. Antarctic Program from 2005-2008. His poetry has appeared in The New York Times, The Wisconsin Review, and The Evansville Review, among others. Ronnie’s spiritually inspired installations express the path of the soul symbolically through the icons of human civilization. A student of the Christian Mystical tradition and of Catholic faith, Ronnie’s writings and paintings capture the esoteric truths of the universal Christian faith through the medium of archetypal and mystical symbol.


The New York Times, poetry  May 26, 2003, Metropolitan Diary

The New York Times, poetry, April 30, 2010, City Room

The New York Times, feature article, poetry, and editorial, 28 & 30 Sep 2010;

The National Geographic Magazine, April 2011, article, p. 20


Spiritual Stone Sculptures for Landscape  2013

Interior Décor Project: Installation “Spiritual Tension” “high interest” by National Museum of Catholic Art in Washington, DC 2011-2012

Co-Curator, ICONS IN TRANSFORMATION October 2011- January 2012 Art Exhibition, Christ Church Cathedral, Saint Louis, Missouri

Happening Now

Spanish Roses

"SPANISH ROSES" was just released in mid-November 2022. This is a first edition of Poetic Revelation of the Spanish Mystics. This is the third book of mystical poetry on the nature and lives of holy men and women who toiled in the fields of God before us. Hispanic...

Mystic Land and Celtic Saints

"Mystic Land and Celtic Saints”, just released on November 1st, has been a culmination of 6+ years of travel, research, and writing on the Golden Age of Celtic Christianity and Spirituality, which ranged approx. from 400-800 A.D. It bears out a lifetime of...

Deployed Flight and Sometimes Eternity

Deployed Flight and Sometimes Eternity is released in paperback and e-book in January 2021. A totally revised second edition with new poems and numerous photographs of military aircraft, Deployed Flight and Sometimes Eternity poetically recounts the adventurous career...

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“This booklet of poetry is as rewarding as it is challenging. To start with, it helps to know that much of the imagery stems from years of flying over the ice caps of Antarctica, but the energy propelling the reader comes from the mysticism of the saints and the Holy Spirit.”
- Most Reverend Robert J. Hermann, Bishop Emeritus, Archdiocese of Saint Louis

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